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Author, leader, and entrepreneur, Alan Berrey is the an pioneer for subject matter experts, solution engineers, and sale consultants. He researches expertise and helps corporate experts maximize their value and impact. He has worked as a subject matter expert for decades, serving as the CEO of multiple start-up companies and as the vice president of business development at multiple technology companies. His corporate positions also include software product manager, project manager, department manager, and engineer. He has served clients in dozens of industries including hi-tech, manufacturing, financial services, telecommunications, transportation, healthcare, and government. And finally, Alan served as a communications specialist in the US Army Airborne Rangers.

Corporate Experts

Subject matter experts are key to an organization’s health and success. They forge the paths, create the solutions, sell the customers, and solve the problems.

We must do better at attracting, supporting, and training our experts.

Alan's latest book

Beyond Expertise
How Trust, Vision, and Delivery Will Redefine Your Relationship with Customers and Colleagues

Release date: August 1, 2021

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