"Sales Consultant" and the Synonyms by the Numbers

There are dozens of titles for sale consultants, solution engineers, subject matter expert, etc. Here is how they break down by the numbers.
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101 Maxims for SMEs

Subject matter experts, solution consultants, sales engineers, and other technical people can make a huge difference in the selling process. Here are 101 maxims for SMEs
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"The Expert" short comedy skit video screenshot

The Expert (A short Comedy Sketch)

There are many key lessons for SMEs in the Youtube video “The Expert: A Short Comedy Sketch.”
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Who Are the Experts?

A dictionary will tell you that an “expert” is someone who has more than average knowledge of a subject, someone who can provide superior results, but there's more.
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Is Your Audience Stupid, or Do You Just Think So?

Despite evidence to the contrary, your audience is probably smarter than you think they are.
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Explosion at Lac-Mégantic train wreck

The Disaster of Lac-Mégantic

The Lac-Mégantic train disaster took the lives of 47 people. There are lessons in the ashes of the deadliest freight train accident in Canadian history.
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Unskilled and Unaware, the Dunning-Kruger Effect

In 1995, McArthur Wheeler robbed two Pittsburgh banks and made his escape. Remarkably, he thought he was invisible.
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Ten Things SMEs Should Do in Client Meetings

Being invited to participate in a meeting with a customer should be considered an honor by any subject matter expert.
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My Work Speaks for Itself

Norman Collins was a prominent American tattoo artist of the mid-20th century. He died nearly 50 years ago but his work can still be found today.
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Donald Trump's son wears expert shirt

Who's the Expert Now?

What all experts can learn from the children of US Presidents.
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